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Gopher Client and Server Library for Python 3
Current version: 0.96 (March 13, 2019).
(While I'm striving to keep this up to date, for the absolute
latest information regarding Pituophis, check the web links below.)
+ Make and send Gopher requests to both S/Gopher (TLS) and
regular Gopher servers with the Request class
+ URL parsing with pituophis.parse_url()
+ Parse and iterate through Gopher menus with
+ Host both S/Gopher (TLS) and regular Gopher servers, accepting
requests asynchronously (using the same Request class)
+ Serve directories, files, and gophermaps out of the box from a
publish directory ('pub/') with the default handler
+ Use either a custom handler altogether or a handler to use when
the default handler encounters a 404 for dynamic functionality
To install, run "pip3 install pituophis"
(or just "pip install pituophis" depending on your setup)
This is the preferred way to install and use Pituophis, since you
can simply update it with "pip(3) install pituophis --upgrade".
Version 0.96 API
All plain text API versions
Assorted usage examples, also available in the Github repo.
Source code under the BSD 2-Clause License:
Pituophis version 0.96 source (265 KB)
All releases
On the web:
Pituophis package on PyPI
Pituophis Github repository
The latest code lies here, as well as Issues and a work-in-progress
wiki. If you need some help with Pituophis, the best way to get it
is posting here.
Pituophis API on Read the Docs
Latest API documentation hosted by Read the Docs. You can also pick to
view the documentation for the latest stable version or an older one.